The TEXAS FREEDOM FESTIVAL 2.0 - Over 100 DJs for only $5

*I threw the first Texas Freedom Festival 10 yrs ago for 5000 people, and it was all about the MUSIC. It started out as a FREE event to showcase over 70 Texas DJs on 5 stages. Another production company had already booked the Warp Brothers & was worried about losing out to 70 DJs for FREE, so we bought the contract & made it a $5 party, just to make our money back. So it was the Warp Brothers from Germany, Marco Giovanni from Ibiza, and 70 Texas DJs on 5 stages for $5. And now, 10 years later, we are bringing it back bigger and better, and making it an annual event!
Underground Nation & Friends present:

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams!

There will be multiple themed stages(9 so far!)
2 stages for bands / 7 stages for DJs
There will be over 200 DJs for this 2 day event!
I promise that this will be THE event of the year!

There will be just about every genre known! All will be represented!
2 LIVE Performance Stages - Rock, Hip Hop, LIVE PA
These are the LIVE performances so far!
Many more to be announced!

LIVE PA - Gilbert Carrizales ft. Sofi Lopez - Trance All Stars - San Antonio
Hip Hop - Doc Duece - Austin, TX
Hip Hop - Core - Gameface Entertainment - San Antonio
Hip Hop - Dysasta & Kaspa - Knockin Off Ent / HighSpeed - New Braunfels
Hip Hop - CHAOS - Wildstyle Recordz / Underground Nation - Austin
Rock - Ransom Jack - ZT Productions - San Marcos

These are the DJs we have confirmed so far!

EXODUS - PeakHourMusic / Moist Music / ULTRA Rec / Nervous Rec - NYC
J. Scott G. - Libra Rising / Shiznit Recordings - formerly of DEEPSKY!i
Vicious Vic - Moist Music / Caffeine - New York
Seville Lilly - Barefoot in the Park - Chicago
BMC - Swisha House - Houston
J Caprice - Juiced Music / H.A.R.D./ Big Wheel / Native Soul - Dallas
DJ PREACH - Crazy Hour Crew / Juiced DJs - Dallas
Kelly Trance - Vinyl Vixens - Oklahoma City, Ok
SnoWhite - Vinyl Vixens - Dallas
EXCEED - Area 512 / Champion Beats / Irresponsible Voltron - Austin
Bart Black - Underworld - Houston
Alvin Marrs - Digital KAOS - New York
CHAOS - U.N. / Global Gruvz Radio / HypersonicRadio - Texas
D-JABE - E-Pro Recordings - Austin
HERB - Alien Records - Austin
Michaelangelo - Sweet Spot Sounds - Austin
Rev Kathy Russell - EDJ / Manifest - Austin
Funkstruk - feat Scott Swayze + Lucas Wade + Chris Cortinas
Daveed - BucklUp / U.N. - Austin
Scott Gray - Austin
Filthy Rich - U.N., RAIN - Austin
DJ Red Eye - U.N. - Austin/Dallas/NY
Rick Martinez - SoundworX - Houston
Art Martinez - SoundworX - Corpus Christi
Sliver - U.N. - Austin
Cilly C - U.N. - Austin
THinC - U.N. / SYSTEM P - TX / EMC Las Vegas
Scott Serota - SYSTEM P - Delaware
Matty P - U.N. / Underworld / Texas Ravers - Houston
Big Rich - Joyous Jealousy / U.N. / Quadbeats / efusionradio - Austin
Paz Joaquin - U.N. / efusionradio - San Antonio
Eric Adams - U.N. / Quadbeats / efusionradio - Austin
JT Skyy - Crunktronik Ent / U.N. - Austin
BeatFreak - Crunktronik Ent / U.N. - Austin
Andrew Leigh - U.N. / DomeRokerz - Austin
Evan B - U.N. / DomeRokerz - Austin
Breaka One 9 - U.N. / Undrground Prod - Austin
Yaws - U.N. / BucklUp - Austin
Timmins - U.N. / BucklUp - Austin
Jon Wert - U.N. / Broke Nasty / BucklUp - Austin
AnjlKllr - U.N. / Treehouse Tribe - Austin
Metranohm - U.N. / Austin
Marc Suarez - U.N. - Austin
Dirty Machine Language - U.N. - Austin
LUNA - System 7 - Austin
Jason Jenkins - - Austin
Andrew Parsons - Real Music - Austin
Shwann - Real Music - San Antonio
Billy Jay - Armada / Different Pieces / Academik - Austin
Atom West - TBS / Black Label - Houston
Sway - Yur Crew - Austin
Nate B - Treehouse Tribe - Austin
El Boogie - electricavenueatx - Austin
J.A.M.O.N. - - Austin
Andrew Morehouse - Massive Intent - Austin
Just George - UndrGround Prod - Austin
Qousey - Audiomatic / Techjas - Houston
JayNicole - BucklUp - Austin
Kaycee Paul - Quadbeats - Houston
Josh Meredith - Quadbeats - Austin
Catfish - Quadbeats - Austin
Kit Likwid - Quadbeats - Austin
BOSS - Mixology - San Antonio
KeeQue - - San Antonio
Lazy K - UndrGround Productions - Austin
Arobyss - Davinci Unltd / Texas Bass Syndicate - Austin
Rob Nelson - Capital Techno - Austin
Jeff F - Capital Techno - Austin
Steel Grooves - Capital Techno - Austin
Kara Jean - Broke Nasty - Austin
DJ FUZE - GSC / Decibel NYC / S TX Tech / EfusionRadio - Corpus Christi
4Eleven - Area 512 - Austin
SirNasty - Area 512 - Austin
The ArcAngel - Texas Hardcore / Area 512 / 3 Kings - New Braunfels
KIDD KLOVER - Skylab Research - Houston
Shane Vasquez - San Antonio
Jeff Olivarri - U.N. / - San Antonio
DJ Skittlez - Crunktronik - Killeen
DJ CEZ - Crunktronik - Austin
RAM Z - Discotronix / Under 7 - Austin
Chango - Mad Classy - Austin
Jimo - Zero Point - Austin
Malasuerte - Abducted Recs / Phantom Hz - San Antonio
Neal Fogo - Houston
AKS - San Antonio
Mass Destruction - Ritual Kaos / I.R.B.S. - Dallas
Christian Barbuto - electricavenueatx - Austin
Jennifer Phamstar - electricavenueatx - Austin
Jesus F. Christ - Area 512 / 3Kings / Hell Fire Damnation - Austin
Boogie Monster - Technotainment / Psyk Sounds Prod - Austin
*23 - U.N. - Austin
Shreddward - Austin
DJ Medicine Man - M.I.A. Texas / Everyday Junglist - Austin
Sensei Lazer - Neurotransitor / HandzUPmusiK / HighSpeed - Houston
CRIZZLY - Area 512 / Ghostpizza / Neurotransitor - San Antonio
Switchfade - U.N. - San Antonio
Paul James - SDC / Area 512 / Revolutions - Austin
Radar vs Fresco - Brownsvillains - Brownsville
Cyfa vs Kyzer - Brownsvillains - Brownsville
Bomber - BucklUp / Karma - Austin
DJ Gondra - BCS Ravers / Bubblegum Mafia - College Station
DJ Patrick E - System P / U.N. - Corpus Christi
Johnny Invisible - Alpha Rhythms / System 7 - Austin
Larkside - Area 512 - Austin
Chris Flak -SYSTEM P- Austin
OUTBREAK - Texas Hardcore / 3Kings - Ft Worth
E-Roc - DnBRadio / Lubbock's Harder Mix - Lubbock
DJ Minxx - Groove Mafia / JDS - San Antonio
Ritual Kaos - Mass Destruction & Athena feat MC Astro - Dallas
Twotone Crew - Noso, Norm 3, & Thomas Allen - Dallas
Rudy Vega - Capital Techno - Austin
TrypseT - U.N. - Austin
DJ Kid Liquid - System P / U.N. - Corpus Christi
DJ MC - HandzUPmusiK / HighSpeed - San Antonio
Darren Afrika - Backzide Rec - San Francisco
DJ Frenz E - Frontzide Rec - Dallas
Mad Turtle - Scooby Doo Crew - Houston
DJ KB - UndrGround Production
Malibu - Area 512 / UndrGround Productions - Austin
Sarah Styles - Broke Nasty / U.N. - Dallas
Moonstruck Red - Section 8 / Undercore /Hard Dance Nation - Dallas
Sharkweek - Mad Classy - Austin
John Matx - DomeRokrz / UndrGround Productions - Austin
Twist - UndrGround Productions - Austin
Jreams - Area 512 - Austin
Missing Link - Underworld - Houston
Faiel - Underworld - Houston
Clusterphuck - Underworld - Houston
Bee - Underworld - Houston
Prince Valium - Underworld - Houston
Ozone - Underworld - Houston
Juswon - Underworld - Houston
Cy Tek - Underworld / Cy Tek Ent - Houston
Oscillator Z - Underworld / Pure Dub - Corpus Christi
K9 - Underworld / Undercore / Black Label Records - Houston
DJ Tangles vs DJ Bassick - Dub Commision - D/FW
DJ Dragonman Vs. Pusher - Dub Commission, D/FW
Fyrefight - Massive Intent - Houston
REZREKT - Nuerotransitor Prod - Houston
Anaken - Dead Beats - San Antonio
Adam Warped - Whiskey Pickle - Austin
Zack Highwire - Whiskey Pickle/Puzzelle Prod/Drink in Hand Ent- ATX/Dallas
DJ DATA - Capital Techno - Austin
Audio Mekanec - Capital Techno - Austin
DJ Howl - Austin
Phorgvn - Covert Logic - Abilene
8*B1T - Broke Nasty / Treehouse Tribe - Austin

MC KAOS - San Antonio
CHANGO - Mad Classy - Austin, TX
Buda Love - Houston

and still there is more to come!
For more details, visit my website:

Lasers by:
Waveform Lasers
Eye Erotica
JDS Lasers

Visuals by
Individual stages: 9 so far!
Stages will be separated by music genre!

Inspiration & Imagination - LIVE Performance Stage
*Jacked In Ent & Waveform Lasers

BASSMAXX - LIVE Performance Stage

WonkaWorld Stage - VIP Stage - ALL Genres
*CHAOTIX & Underground Nation w/ JDS Lasers

Texas Hardcore Stage - Hardcore / DnB
*Jacked In Ent & Waveform Lasers w/ TXHardCore

Area 512 Stage - Main Electro / High Energy
*Jacked In Ent & Waveform Lasers w/ AREA512

Underworld Stage - Dubstep

Locals Stage - all genres
*Jacked In Ent & Davinci Unltd

Capital Techno Stage - House

Scooby Doo Crew Stage - Trance

and more!
Multiple GoGo troops:
The GoGo Gadgettes
Clockwork Crew
Polaris Tribe
U.N. GoGos
Undrground Angelz

Poi spinning, fire dancers, and circus performers too!
Vendors Alley w/ all types of goodies!
Blu Energy Drink
Saint Baron Industries
If you'd like to be a vendor at our event, contact CHAOS @ 512-560-8988
Super cheap waters & refreshments will be available!

Thanx for your support over the years!
Underground Nation
Global Gruvz Radio / HypersonicRadio

We are taking it back to where it should be - all about the VIBE & the MUSIC!
Check back often, more info soon!

Camping will be available for a small tent fee! More details later!
Here are the sponsorship packages for the Texas Freedom Festival 2.0!
We will be modifying these, to fine tune them to our sponsors needs!

#1 - All banners in sponsorship packages are supplied by you, the sponsor. 4' x 8'
#2 - Extra benefits of sponsorship can be discussed, these are guidlines - we can negotiate!

Sponsorship Packages:

*Silver Package - $1000
**Gets your logo on 'Texas Freedom Festival 2.0' t-shirts & flyers.
You get up to 8 banner placements at various stages and around event grounds.
1 booth in vendors alley - to advertise, or set up your shop for goods, food, etc...

*Gold Package - $3000
**This is to sponsor an entire stage!
**Gets your logo on 'Texas Freedom Festival 2.0' t-shirts & flyers
You will have center stage banner placement on your stage.
You will also be allowed ad spaces inside the tent area of your stage.
You will have one banner placement at Entrance to Event.
You will be allowed up to 12 extra banners for placement around the event grounds!
1 vendor booth(negotiable), in or around your stage, and 1 vendor booth in our vendors alley.

*Platinum Package - $10000
**This is to sponsor the entire event!
Your name will appear as the primary sponsor in all advertising of said event - i.e., all radio spots, Posters, flyers, t-shirts, etc...
You recieve multiple premium banner placements around Event Entrance!
Your name, banners and logos will appear on the MAIN STAGE!
You will also be allowed ad spaces inside the tent area of your stages.
You will have 2 primary banner placements at Entrance to Event.(one on each side of entrance)
You will be allowed up to 16 extra banners for placement around the event grounds!(negotiable)
We can also negotiate any number of booths, vendors booths, banners, etc... for our Platinum Sponsor!

*VIP Sponsor Package - $6000
**This is to sponsor the VIP Stage!
Your name will appear as the VIP Stage sponsor in all advertising of said event - i.e., all radio spots, Posters, flyers, t-shirts, etc...
You recieve multiple premium banner placements around Event Entrance!
Your name, banners and logos will appear on the VIP STAGE!
You will also be allowed ad spaces inside the tent area of your stage.
You will have 2 primary banner placements at Entrance to Event.(one on each side of entrance)
You will be allowed up to 10 extra banners for placement around the event grounds!(negotiable)
1 or 2 vendor booths inside your stage area, 1 or 2 vendor booths in vendor's alleys!

If you know of potential sponsors for this historic event,
please contact CHAOS -
512-560-8988 Shawn Zilka
Some DJ info:

Here are some NEW Releases:

-Starkillers & Alex kenji ft Nadia Ali "Pressure"
(DJ Exodus & Leewise Remix) on Spinnin Records
Release date:2-15-11

Starkillers, Dmitry KO & Ron Reeser ft Elleah - "Written"
(DJ Exodus & Leewise Remix) on Terratraxx Recordings

DJ Exodus & Donald Glaude - "House is the Creator"
(Original Mix) on Donald Glaude Record's (DGR)

DJ Exodus, Leewise & ReepR - "Put Yo' Hands Up" (Original Mix)
Coming soon to Big Fish Recordings (Lazy Rich's Label)

DJ Exodus & Leewise feat. Fluxuate - "Messin' With Our Minds"
(Original Mix) on Peak Hour Music // Release date: 2-25-11

KungFu Grip - "Bass Down Low"
(DJ Exodus & Leewise Remix) OUT NOW on Peak Hour Music

2011 has been one of DJ Exodus’ biggest years to date with many tour stops around the US and Internationally, original and remix work hitting the charts faster than almost anyone in the industry, and keeping up a pace of a racehorse… all while celebrating newly found fatherhood. This determined artist fits with 4/4 fans worldwide, whether it’s rocking Pacha NYC, to destroying the Texas mega clubs, to burnin' up the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, to tearing apart Chicago… the list goes on and on! Exodus has played for crowds from a few hundred to over 35k people! Party fueled house, heavy electro basslines, global tech, tribal bangers, and pounding drums… the energy his sets incite on the dancefloor are something to be inspired by. Utilizing turntablism over his driving sounds, Exodus consistently pushes the envelope to new heights when it comes to dance music!

His Newest Licensed Mix CD, DJ Exodus - HOUSE ADDICTION, on Moist Music is set to hit stores Dec 7th 2010!

Exodus has made stops all over the USA as well as repeated stops to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, The Netherlands, Venezuela, as well as Poland, & Spain.

In the Studio, Exodus' recent works of original tracks and remixes have seen him working with Deadmau5, Starkillers, Alex Kenji, Donald Glaude, Alex Peace, Mixin Marc, Austin Leeds, Peter Rohauffer, Nadia Ali, Tiesto & Diplo, and the list goes on! Currently the host of one of the most highly rated mix shows in the USA, Dirty Drumz Radio. You can catch him on the airwaves every week with guest DJs like Bad Boy Bill, Richard Vission, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, DJ Irene, Richie Santana & Peter Bailey, Twocker & many more! It has been featured on Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Radio, FM mega stations like 103.5KTU (NYC), B 96 (Chicago), and Power 105 (LA). This syndicated show spawned off into a record label, a production alias, and a well known namebrand in the club industry.

Exodus' beginnings in the Early 90's saw him playing most major nightclubs in NYC within the first year of being a DJ, such as the Tunnel, Limelight, and Sound Factory (Pacha). During this time Exodus held residency with some of the biggest names in the industry on a weekly basis, the likes of which included: Danny Teneglia, Junior Vasquez, Johnathan Peters, and Johnny Vicious.

After some time, Exodus' tastes in music started to get harder, and his interest in playing at raves & festivals began. It was also around this time his interest in production took a turn to Chicago hardhouse. After releasing over 40 vinyl releases on numerous labels, Exodus became a hardhouse household name. After releasing a few compilations for numerous labels, Exodus sought to "close the book" on the hardhouse sound. He released 2 double-disc licensed CD compilations, "Hardhouse Generation" and "Hardhouse Generation 2" on Chicago hardhouse's massive imprint UC Music and Warlock Records.

From 2006 on, his more current productions have included massive releases & remixes of peak hour house & tech with an infused electro feel, that have been destroying sound systems around the globe. They have received major support from Bad Boy Bill, Dubfire, Sharam, Erick Morillo, Serge Devant, Donald Glaude, Steve Angello, Peter Rohauffer, Johnathan Peters, DJ Dan, and Richie Santana. Exodus has been featured on Ultra Records, Nervous Records, Defected, Movement Music, Peak Hour Music, Land of Voodoo Recordings, *69 Records, Toolroom Records, Vinyl Pusher, and Donald Glaude Records to name a few.

In 2009 Exodus merged his label Dirty Drumz Digital with Steve Deparr's label Peak Hour Music. They now run 8 labels in 2011, which have a consistent and prolific track record. In the booth, on your radio, or in the studio, Exodus' passion for what he does shines through. Take your event to the next level with one of the hardest working DJs on the planet!
J Scott G
Info coming soon!

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