CRUNK Artist Week 19 "DJ SKITTLEZ"

Robert B, Austin, United States

Been In love with EDM since 1993 when I first starting hearing it from friends when I moved to Texas but only exposed to the mainstream. Started to learn spinning and mixing in 1995 on some hold turntables fading between two separate stereos. Then I got a true taste when I moved to Europe in 1998 and enjoyed the concerts and night life, the energy and love they had for music overseas I then got good enough and learned more about the scene t start playing small gigs in Europe. I returned to texas on 2000 where I layed low for 5 years due to had personal ties and work consumed me. I still followed the scene somewhat and then I could not leave i alone any longer in 2005 when I gathered music collection and begged for gigs in Austin where i started playing small gigs. I handed out hundreds of demos. Now I play many different Venues and started this past year working on my own tracks and remixes.

Remixes Reworks and Edits by DJSkittlez

Dj Skittlez Mixes by DJSkittlez

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