CRUNK NATION EDM ARTIST Week 21 "Illan Nicciani"

Illan Nicciani
Illan Nicciani, Nice , France

llan Nicciani (DJ/Producer)

For over three years, Illan tames the decks, first on the side of Lorient where he spray bars, restaurants and perfects his technique.

Then come the important dates:
November 2010, this evening at the LC Club Nantes and it is rising over 4000 people, beautiful perf motivates him in his art.
After a move to Los Angeles where it is heated decks Mid 'Star in December 2010, he went in January 2011 with a mix in the capital at Porte Maillot Prince with DJ Omar and DJ Yane High Level Hard Crew.

After some tests in the prod-sounding progressive House earlier this year in 2011, the 1st May we qu'Illan loose his first "IDAHO" in (Original Mix).
And "SPACE" in (Original Mix) under the label Dance Recording Lab.
El Regalo by (original mix) is his third production under the label Midnight Mood Recording you can see the clip (above).
Today is "The Dream" in (Original Mix) which is about to be signed under seal.

Projects, for the second half of the year are finalized over the next two tracks "Fusion" (Original Mix) soon under the label Universal Music Group / INgrooves and "Everybody Like Music" that are under construction and listens on SoundCloud,
and a remix Salvador Pacheco - Desertios EP under the label Pressure Records.

You can find these titles on SoundCloud by following this link:




My Productions by Illan Nicciani

Summer by Illan Nicciani

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