CRUNK ARTIST Week 32 "8 B1T"

Josh, Austin, United States


Born from Nintendo, raised by the motherboard, and nurtured by noise: With multiple breakbeat releases on 'Kick It Recordings' and 'Royal One Records', 8*B1T continues to push the sound of breakbeats in the underground of ATX. As the founding member of Austins break beat crew Broke Nasty, he currently holds a residency at Karma Lounge every week for Boom Tuesdays. You can count on him bringing the grime and slime, the nitty gritty, and the bass in your face, while mixing booty shakin', baby makin', house breakin', ear drummin' basslines with 100% pure win sauce over an entree of amazingness, served with balsamic WOOT and a tasty side of hip hop hooray.. Hungry?

8*B1T - Latchkey Kid by 8*B1T

Blazerflame - The Freshest Kid (8*B1T Remix) by 8*B1T

Deenk - I Kiss You Know (8*B1T Remix) by 8*B1T

Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack FS Remix (8*B1T Breaks Edit) FREE DOWNLOAD! by 8*B1T

DJ Mixes by 8*B1T

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