Vinül Junkie & Funk-E, Heidelberg, Germany



The MashRaiders are a project of the two DJs, Funk-E and Vinyl Junkie, based in the south of Germany. They started their carriers separated, each in the late/expired 90´s.
DJ Funk-E started as a pure Urban-DJ for the German Clubs, worked live on stage with international stars like Darnell or DJ UNK and is still a wanted resident, mixtape, radio and podcast DJ. He also spends a lot of time in organisation and supporting on different charity projects.

Tracks by MashRaiders

DJ Vinyl Junkie was started his carrier as a Turntablelisim and live-act supporting DJ (e.g. for Torch, one of the most famous German Rapper). He starts his club-carrier in one of Germanys biggest Discotheques as a real rookie, where he played each night (sometimes six a week) in front of up to 2500 party people and became a wanted Urban-DJ in South Germany.
Both DJs played a lot of residencies and gigs together and became partners on the decks. Over the years they getting more and more interested in House- & Dancemusic and played them in their live sets. So their style becomes a Mash Up with a deep electronic touch.

Bootlegs by MashRaiders

Since 2008 they perform together as an official DJ Team named “MashRaiders”. They decide herself to play not the straight way of one genre from Housemusic and created their own style of Electro-House music between mainstream and underground.
It´s mainly influenced from Dutch-House, Bmore and Bailefunk. But also their beginnings as Urban-DJs are a big influence in their live-performances and productions. They combine techniques from Urban-DJing and classical Electro-Mixing and mix it up with instruments like a sampler or other performance peripheries.
As a Remixer- and Producer-Team, they are specialized in clubremixes and edits. Their remixes and edits are be playing by DJs all around the globe, get rotation on radio stations like BBC Radio and still are hitting the clubs all over the world.

Bmore Stuff by MashRaiders

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