CRUNK Artist Week 42 "BASSROVER"

Gabriel Accioli, Recife, Brazil


abriel Accioli, 17 years old, began to produce few months ago. His passion for electronic music emerged from early, when he heard on TV and at parties, tracks from artists like Daft Punk, Tiesto and other big names. The strong beats of the songs and the atmosphere of Electro always caught his attention. In their productions uses only a laptop, nothing else.

Bassrover! - Spread the Noise (Original Mix) PREVIEW by Bassrover!

Horny Sanchez - Game Over (Bassrover! Remix) [Champion Beats Records] OUT SOON!! by Bassrover!

Over time, met other great DJs and producers, both domestic (Brazil), and international, some of them are: Zedd, Chrizz Luvly, Darth&Vader, Skrillex, Gerra G, Alex Mind, Lazy Rich, You Killing Me, Felguk, Crizzly, FTampa, Titanoz, Frederik Olufsen, HAS!, Dr. Who, Star Killa, Far Too Loud, E-Cologyk, The Noizy Freaks, Dirtyloud, Victor Ruiz, Zomboy, Future Frog, Lucky Date, Noisia, TheS, Madeon and others.

Titanoz - You Know (Bassrover! Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Bassrover!

Bassrover! - You, Me & Sunlight (Original Mix) PREVIEW by Bassrover!

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