CRUNK Artist Week 43 "ATOM WEST"

Atom West
Atom West, Houston, United States


Lucky Date feat. Carley Roxann - Mr Right Now - Atom West Remix by Atom West

Bun B - Draped Up - Atom West Rmx by Atom West

Texas's own Atom West began making a name for himself in Austin's underground in late 2007. He seamlessly blends Electro, Breaks, and Dubstep into one smooth package and often times within the same song. His energetic live sets consisting of only originals and remixes quickly earned him regional recognition in Texas.

Nelly F - Say it Right - Atom West Remix (Drum and Bass) by Atom West

He now resides in Houston as a member of the Texas Bass Syndicate and has done work for labels such as Bombeatz, Backzide, and Frontzide. Plans are also in the works with two new labels Basskraft (Arobyss) and Death By Noise (ERG).

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